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Memory Jar

   - Gift from My Sister Angie on My 50th Birthday, 1998

My middle sister Angie has always been crafty. In our Alaska home there are a multitude of crafts created by her in Oklahoma through the past 30 years. For example, on our kitchen wall is a framed needle point picture of a sheep that reads, “Ewes not fat, ewes fluffy”. (Think this quote might refer to me?) In my closet hangs a beautiful hand painted Southwestern jean jacket, a style very popular in the 1980s. Angie designed and painted one for both of us. We wore them on a visit together 2 years ago in Santa Fe.

Needlepoint gift from Angie

Angie in Santa Fe, NM - Oct. 2009

The 20 year old southwestern hand painted coats by Angie - Oct. 2009
On my 50th birthday in December 1998 Angie sent me my favorite gift ever, a “memory jar”. She told me she got the idea from watching an Oprah show. The lid was covered with one of her needle point designs. Within the small glass canning jar she placed 50 typed “I remember” notes, one for each year.

“I remember the green dress with strawberries on it that you made me when I was six” (1963)
“I remember playing jacks on Grandpa’s front porch and the fun I had” (mid 1960s)
“I remember sending you my first letter from Villa Ridge, Il. I was 6 ½ or so. I mailed you 6 cents and a stick of gum. The 6 cents was for you to buy a stamp and write me back.”
“I remember everybody wanting to sleep by Mary when we came to visit you and Grandpa” (1964-67)
“I remember going with you to buy a new blouse to wear to the Chelsea Round Up Club and going to the rodeo with you and Grandpa” (1966)
“I remember Mom and Dad so excited that you were going to college” (1967)
“ I remember coming to visit you in your apartment in Tulsa, before you were married) (summer 1971)
“I remember the orange lunch box hot curlers you got for Rose and me for Christmas” (1972)
“I remember the time you came to Ullin, Ill. and I wanted you to help me learn to sing”
(early 1970s, unfortunately I never was much of a singer)
“I remember the day you and Lindy asked me if I wanted to stay and live with you all. I was so happy, yet so embarrassed that I had no home.” (1974)
“I remember the day you took me shopping in Tulsa with Debbie Clinger. That was the first time I had ever had any one do that for me!!!” (fall 1974)
“I remember the Talimena Drive (in SW Oklahoma) and float trips (canoe trips on the Illinois River near Tahlequah) with KFC” (fall 1974)
“I remember going bowling nearly every Friday night in high school” (1974-76)
“I remember you giving me the big green bomb of a car (1967 Olds)!!! 8 miles to a gallon” (1974)
“I remember you explaining to me that I would see dark skinned people and they were not Mexicans, they were Indians” (1974)
“I remember the heart cake you bought me for my 17th birthday”(Nov. 1974)
““I remember shopping at Lerner’s and you getting mad when they called you Miss” (1975)
“I remember trips to the lakes in NE Oklahoma and cutting down a Christmas tree, only to get home and find out it was huge!!!” (1974-76)
I remember my first Christmas in Sapulpa, Okla. and spending all the money I made at Walmart on Christmas. It was the first time I ever had money to buy gifts” (1974)
“I remember going to Sonic in Sapulpa and eating chili cheese conies and onion rings”
“I remember you throwing a fit in Walmart like a little kid!!! What for? I don’t remember” (1975 - I wanted Angie to buy me something that day and it worked.)
“I remember us going to see Grandpa and stopping in Catoosa for corn nuts and diet Dr. Pepper. Those were the red Vega car days!!!” (1974-76)
“I remember you telling a little kid at the bowling alley that your shoes were magic and they could make you fly”
“I remember the time you pretended not to know how to hoe the garden in Sapulpa and I got to do the whole thing“ (summer 1975)
“I remember you telling your students that our family was in the circus and you were a midget wrestler” (mid 1970s)
“I remember the trip to Tahlequah with your high school History Class for a college history trivia contest and stopping at Bells to ride Zingo, the roller coaster, on the way home!” (1975)
“I remember the times we would spend all afternoon to Casa Bonita in Tulsa and eat all you could eat with Barbara!!!”
“I remember the time you bought me “Eagles tickets for my birthday!!! I love the “Eagles”
“I remember the jean jump suit you bought me for Christmas when I was a freshman in college. I was so afraid you bought me a velvet jacket. I was so happy when it was the jump suit“ (1976)
“I remember us sharing clothes when I was in high school in Sapulpa” (1975-1976)
“I remember playing tennis with you” (mid 1970s)
“I remember the Cat Stevens concert with you) ( 1970s)
“I remember you wearing my old formals to your high school reunion!!!” (?)
“I remember the 5 cent Eskimo Joe Days!!! Stories and all! (1977 - 20 mini beers for a dollar!)
“I remember taking swim lessons together in Shawnee!!!” (1977)
“I remember the night we drove all night to New Mexico from OKC, talking all the way” (summer 1977)
“I remember how frightened I was when you had your car wreck and they thought you may not live” (1980)
“ I remember going to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer and taking a picture of us with a clown. My true dream was to be a clown and make people happy!” (fall 1981)
“I remember dressing up for Halloween in Alaska!!! I was a cat and you dressed in pig attire” (1981)
“I remember skiing in Alaska” (1981)
“I remember Thanksgiving in Alaska (1981) and not feeling alone”
“I remember asking you to be my matron of honor in my wedding” (1987)
“I remember you fixing the neck of my wedding dress so it would stay up!!!)
“I remember going to Grandpa’s after he passed away and just hanging out in his back yard!!!” (1988)
“I remember you and Joe taking us to camp in the trailer on our trip to Alaska “ (1989)
“I remember the year you had our cousin Judy pick me up a birthday cake!!! That was very special for me! (early 1990s)
“I remember the joy you shared when I told you I was P.G. I remember you helping me through the miscarriage.” (1992)
“I remember finding the flowers you sent for Mom’s funeral service” (1998)
“I remember when our Grandmother Alta passed away. (1964) I remember seeing you cry. I tried to make myself cry as to do what I thought would be right.” (Why I always liked her, she tried to do what was right.)
“I remember as a child looking up to you. You were my mentor and role model. I love you!!! Here’s to another 50!!!”

Butterfly string art by Angie - gift to Mary, circa 1980s.
(Mary's Memoir - September 26, 2011)

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